Beautiful illustrations help children to understand the lessons easily. They will learn how to name and describe objects in English, understand the link between sound and pronunciation, explore word meaning and practice simple dialogues.
The program introduces various methodologies and activities to create interest in children such as using objects in daily life as teaching aids, pictures, crafts, games and songs. In each lesson, children learn new words and practice pronunciation using colorful illustrations. They also practice listening and speaking skills by watching video clips and interacting with foreign teachers.
As learner-centered approach is used in class, children practice language skills and critical thinking through group activities. They get special care which can only be seen in Cleverlearn. Foreign and Vietnamese teachers who are highly qualified, dedicated and experienced in teaching young learners will help children understand lessons easily and develop correct pronunciation right from the beginning.
Especially, Cleverlearn has dedicated teaching assistants to care for each child and assist them to develop naturally.