ACP's Core Values

ACP learning has built its programs around specific Core Values that maintain the highest level of educational and social standards:

1. To give any aged learner the tools needed to speak English, develop positive personal character, succeed in school, business and/or life.

2. To create inquiry based, active learning environments that are safe havens emotionally, socially and physically regardless of age of professional setting.

3.  Professional staff support building self-confidence through proven teaching approaches, positivity, patience and kindness that is organically imparted through ongoing ACP’s staff development.

4. To encourage learners while developing new experiences in language, sporting, fitness and life skills acquisition that become positive life habits enhancing the “whole person” to improve overall knowledge, strength and emotional wellness. 

5. Staff maintain on going professional development and continue to serve as role models who educate through their own core values, behaviors and beliefs.